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Trenchless rehabilitation of sanitary sewage systems

We provide comprehensive services in the area of trenchless rehabilitation of sanitary sewers, storm drains and industrial sewage networks (conduits, sewer lateral lines, sewer chambers) using cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology according to DIN EN ISO 11296-4: 2011. Ducts to be repaired and replaced may have different shapes and sizes. We successfully execute repairs of circular section, egg-shaped and bell-shaped pipes with diameters ranging from DN 200 mm to DN1400mm. To execute our works we utilise fibre liners, manufactured according to our own solutions, which are cured using hot water, steam or UV hardening methods, depending on the requirements and conditions. In accordance with the expectations of customers, the liners applied in the repairs can be characterised by various parameters as far as the type of material, its thickness, strength or chemical resistance are concerned. As part of the comprehensive performance of works, we also execute sewer lateral lines using top hat liners and repair drainage and sewage chambers either in the technology of mechanical spraying or manual application of construction chemicals and thin Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) panels. Starting from cleaning and preparation of conduits and sewer chambers, the scope of our comprehensive services also includes the production of pre-execution photographic documentation of sewage chambers and sewer lateral lines as well as the CCTV inspection of ducts, the execution of preparatory works necessary for the performance of works, proper rehabilitation of ducts, connections and chambers, and finally, post-execution CCTV inspection.

We also execute the following works:
- trenchless rehabilitation of sanitary sewers, storm drains and industrial sewer systems using CIPP liners DN200 - DN1400mm;
- trenchless CIPP rehabilitation of sewer lateral lines;
- rehabilitation of drainage and sewage chambers with the application of construction chemicals and Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) panels
- replacement of sewer manholes.

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